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With over 50 years’ experience in the Australian turf industry, we know our stuff when it comes to lawn care. Now, we’re opening the door to you.

Lawn Care Supplies is proudly backed by K&B Adams Pty Ltd, which has serviced the turf industry since 1969. K&B Adams supplies premium turf maintenance products to industry professionals across Australia, from golf courses and bowls clubs to tennis courts and professional stadiums.

From 2020, Lawn Care Supplies is bringing these expert products to you. Whether you need fertilisers, fungicides or wetting agents, you’ll find the best professional lawn products from Lawn Care Supplies.

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Products sold by Lawn Care Supplies Australia

Professional Landscape Formula All Round


24 (N) - 22 (P) - 6.6 (K) + 1.2% Mg


Professional Landscape Formula Flora


16 (N) - 1.3 (P) - 13.3 (K) + 1.8 (Mg) and trace elements

Professional Landscape Formula Maintenance


20 (N) - 0 (P) - 5.8 (K) + 2.1 (Ca) and 1.8 (Mg)

Professional Landscape Formula New Grass


20 (N) - 8.7 (P) - 6.6 (K)

Greenmaster Liquid


Various NPK blends

Sportsmaster WSF


Various NPK blends

Vitalnova Blade


5 (N) - 6.5 (P) - 3.5 (K) + carbohydrates, seaweed and trace elements

Vitalnova Stressbuster


7 (N) - 0 (P) - 0 (K) + 2 (Fe), sugars, wetting agent, amino acids and trace elements

Sierraron 4G


Pre-Emergent Herbicide

H2Pro AquaSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent - Penetrant and water retention

Hydraflo 2


Granular soil wetting agent - Water penetration and absorption



Liquid soil wetting agent - Penetrant, spreading and holding