Wetting Agent

A wetting agent can help to prevent localised dry spot and hydrophobic activity within the soil. Wetting agents can provide water retention, a penetrant, curative, or a combination of the latter. Wetting agents reduce water applicatiob by preventing wasteful water run-off. Wetting agents come in liquid or granular form for application across the turf surface.


This could be one or a combination of two things: (i) your soil is hydrophobic and/or (ii) compacted. This will mean that the turf and soil will repell the rain or irrigation water. If this is happening, a wetting agent is recommended.  

Use a hose or watering can to apply a low volume of water e.g. 2 to 10 Litres, across a few areas of the ground in question. If the water does not soak into the rootzone quickly, it immediately ponds or runs across the surface, then the soil may be water repellent or hydrophobic.

After long periods of dry weather or lack of irrigaiton in poorer soils, dead organic matter, also known as thatch, decomposes forming a waxy coating across the soil particles. This layer and a dry rootzone prevents the water being absorbed into the ground.

Typically, monthly applications are best. However, if this is not possible, one or multiple applications during spring and summer is recommended. Refer to the product labls for further details.

H2Pro AquaSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent - Penetrant and water retention

H2Pro FlowSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent - Soil penetrant

Hydraflo 2


Granular soil wetting agent - Water penetration and absorption

HydroForce Extend


Liquid soil surfactant

Munns Professional Smart Wetter


Liquid soil wetting agent



Liquid soil wetting agent - Penetrant, spreading and holding